The One Where She Has May Favorites

While living in a foreign country I’ve found it’s either beneficial (for some and possibly me down the road very detrimental) to talk about things from home OR to talk about our favorite things here and share common interests. Yesterday all I wanted was an iced latte and it was fun to talk with some of the other volunteers about what kind of latte we would get and the specifics of that latte. You know how it looks, how much ice, any flavors, is it particularly hot so there’s condensation on the cup just getting reeeeeeeal specific. In a way it brings us together and it was fun to talk about for a few minutes. So, here are my May favorites. These are things that I have loved this month (a lot of beauty bloggers or people who follow beauty blogs will get this).

-An outdoor shower. Now in the winter who knows where I’ll be living and who knows if I’ll still be loving this or not. But for now in the summer when it’s hot this is amazing. I grew up being very familiar with an “outdoor tub” at my grandparents house on Otisco lake they had an outdoor tub and there is no better bath than one outside. So being able to shower outside has been one of my favorite things about living here.

-Face Primer. This is a way in a favorite and an unfavorite? Is that a word? I don’t know. Anyways. Primer has been saving my life here. It’s very dusty, dry and hot but can also be wet hot it just depends on the day really. So I haven’t been wearing foundation, usually just a sweep of bronzer maybe but primer every day has been a lifesaver. The only problem is that I brought a new primer and it’s not necessarily my favorite and I of course have two bottles of it for my time here. BUT I like it well enough and it’s getting the job done.


-Black socks. Socks are pretty much always worn. Also worn especially with slip on shoes because slip on shoes work the best because you take your shoes on and off before you go into the house. Not once you’re in the house, but actually outside of the house so black socks don’t get visibly dusty like white socks do. Which brings me to my next favorite.

-Birkenstocks. You’re the best.

-My host family and the other volunteers in my village. Having a good support system helps any situation you’re in and I’ve been very lucky to have an amazing host family, Language teacher and wonderful both language group and a second group of volunteers in the village to spend my time with.

-Broad City. I hadn’t watched the whole first season when I left but I honest to god watched the entire first season in a day one Sunday this month. I wish I had more to watch because that show is too fucking perfect.

-Ice Cream. It’s fucking hot here and language is hard. So. Ice cream it is.


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