The One Where She Celebrates America 

Being away from home is something that is hard in phases. There are days when I want nothing more than being home and there are other days when I can’t imagine doing anything but what I’m doing right now. Luckily so far the latter has been the majority. However celebrating the Fourth of July was kind of a mixed bag. I had one of the best 4th that I’ve ever had, simply being across the world and celebrating on the beautiful Lake Issyk-Kul with new friends. But getting texts from my people at home of course made me sad and wish I was with them.

Now it’s not that often that anyone would get to spend a weekend with a view like that. We made hotdogs and I never thought American cheese would taste so good. Sleeping out in tents with two of my favorite people and making smores and lighting fireworks. Like what more could you ask for? Nothing. I am sunburnt beyond belief but whatever it was worth it. I’ve never seen water such a beautiful color and I’ll tell you what if I can sit in a floatie and have drinks all day surrounded by mountains and people I love, uh hello that’s the dream. But I still had my people at home in the back of my mind because this is OUR holiday and I don’t mean that in a crazy patriotic way I mean that in a we like to float and drink way. I also had shitty service and couldn’t FaceTime with everyone like I wanted to. Then something amazing and hilarious happened.

I love my people more than I can explain. Of course I was sad not inhaling taco dip with Cass and Michelle and not squeezing the boys all weekend and I mean I didn’t get to see Paul or Brutus. But I’m continuously amazed by how supportive and wonderful my friends are. So thank you for helping me make this happen and we only have to spend one more Fourth apart.


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  1. Greg Jackson says:

    Spectacular view! The big heads are pretty rockin’ too! ❤ xoxox


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