The One Where She Has June Favorites

Alright y’all here’s what’s up this month.

Karakol Coffee- I can not express the excitement and overall joy that I had when I walked into the much talked about Karakol Coffee and was told I could get an iced coffee.  AN ICED COFFEE. God is real.

Karakol- Karakol is my permanent site and I was excited when I first got my placement and much like my placement in KG I didn’t do enough research as far as what was here.  So when I arrived and saw everything I had at my finger tips I was ecstatic.  A city close to the lake and close to the mountains.  Has a beautiful coffee shop, lots of good places to eat, two bazaars, a small mall and a few parks. Come on.

My permanent host family- I would be lying if I said that my first few weeks with my new family were perfect. But what I’ve learned in the time that I’ve been here is that my family has my back and that’s what counts. In KG people rarely say something directly they will usually go through other people and other channels to tell someone something.  So hearing from my CP that my host Dad was really worried about me when I was having some stomach/food poisoning stuff my second week at site is pretty sweet.

Issyk-Kul volunteers- We hit the jackpot group wise.

Cooking- I forgot how much I love cooking.  Living at home with my Mom made me forget I mean I had a wonderful chef right at my fingertips so I got rusty.  But living here and having to be more creative is definitely reminding me how much I love cooking.  I had some cultural confusion with my host Mom when we discussed food because she couldn’t understand why I would want to cook when I have a sister-in-law who’s a wonderful cook but finally I was able to tell them that it’s a hobby of mine and I came home today actually to find my own cooking space created just for me (see my host family has my favorite) and I’m so excited to make food and to learn to make Kyrgyz food.

Febreeze- It’s hard to do laundry here. So febreeze does the job.

The Small Bazaar Salad Shop- THE BEST AND CHEAPEST LUNCH EVER. I can get a salad and a piece of fried dough for 45 com. A fucking bargain and it’s fresh and delicious so why wouldn’t I eat there every day?

My Counter Part- I am impressed and amazed by the woman I’m lucky enough to be placed with every single day. I am lucky to have a counter part who is motivated and wants to work on projects, go to camps (our first one this July, GLOW Girls Leading Our World camp and I’m so excited), and work on English together. Not only is she a hard worker but she’s a genuinely wonderful person and I’m excited to see what we can achieve together.

Kat Vonn D Tattoo Liner- Giiiiiirl this shit is so good. I’m normally a gel eyeliner girl, always have been. BUT THIS changed my life, the line is so smooth and so precise it’s just unreal.  It stays on my eyes all day and doesn’t smudge at all no matter how sweaty or gross I am throughout the day.

1989- Everyone knows my previous distaste for Taylor Swift but this new album and new Taylor is really doing it for me. I was a convert when I was in America but being here I can’t seem to stop listening to 1989 it’s been my go to Mashrutka music on my way to work in the morning.


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