The One Where She Teaches English Good 

So in the colonies I studied Social Studies but here I’m working as an English teacher and specifically as a Teacher Trainer and while I’m obviously an English speaker it’s an adjustment. I consider myself to be pretty creative lesson plan wise but I’ve been feeling stuck. Between still struggling with the language and slowly working at it to getting to used to teaching a new topic it’s definitely frustrating. Normally lesson plans come quickly to me, I’m able to relate historical events to current events or I have the tools to make it into a more interactive and creative lesson. Here that’s a bit more of a struggle and again I’m appreciative of my CP every single day because she works incredibly hard and is creative. I also feel like my English is becoming worse every day while I struggle to learn Kyrgyz. So needless to say if any English teachers have some tips and tricks bring it on because I need the help but it’s also a new challenge. We do have free time, especially because my students are on summer break so it gives me something to do and I like learning. I do worry that I’m going to let them down, I think about that almost every day but it’s really just fuel for the fire. I know I can’t think like that because that’s just a recipe for disaster but if I give myself a reason to work that is bigger than myself I know I’ll do it and I know I’ll do it right. $0 thyme 2 t3@ч. Let’s do the damn thing.


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