The One Where She Has August Favorites

Bishkek- Just as a whole.  The food, the city itself, the nightlife, and the fun that I had there.  From eating delicious meals at beautiful restaurants to spending the entire day at Sierra being hung over and laughing and relaxing with my friends while we spent way too much money on endless iced lattes.  I love that place.  Walking into Bishkek Park and feeling like I’m at a mall in America was just really excellent.

My PST host family- I can’t write out how much I love them and how much I appreciate them.  They are just the best of the best.

My friends- The K-23’s are a unique group to say the least.  But I have a big handful of people in this group that I just love.  I don’t know if it’s being in a different country and going through this all together but I’m always amazed at how quickly I’ve formed such a strong bond with some of these people.  Not only my group but some of the K-22’s which are the group who have been here for a year, like I never would have guessed that two Stephanies would be here together and would proceed to be the most obnoxious people ever (granted I personally don’t think we’re obnoxious because I fucking love it but I get it guys we’re annoying).  Lord knows Ethan follows Cassie, my Mom and brother on social media and it just makes me so happy/is hilarious.  Ethan sending snap chats introducing everyone we’re with and just losing my MIND a majority of the day with him, LeAnne and Sarah just too fucking much.  I just love these weirdos and I’m glad I have them.

Baby Animals- Ok I don’t know what it is or why but the Internet where we had our trainings every day is ALWAYS covered in baby animals.  Puppies and Kittens just all over.  It got so bad that there had to be a sign hung up on the door telling us that we couldn’t bring animals inside (which we promptly ignored).  These animals are of course covered in fleas and lord knows what else but we didn’t care and I especially didn’t care.  At any given session there was at least one person with a kitten or puppy on their lap.

Getting my makeup done- I am not one to let other people do my makeup or even ask to get it done by someone else.  Normally I do everyone elses makeup.  But we have a wonderful former FLEX student who lived in Karakol and now lives in Bishkek and is going to university who has the same passion for makeup that I do.  So we invited him to hang out with us one day when we were in Bishkek and he came over and did my makeup before I went out and it was wonderful.  He did an AMAZING job and I was so happy with how it turned out and it was so nice to just sit and have a little bit of pamper.

What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber- THIS SHIT IS SO GOOD. It’s mellow and still upbeat at the same time and dreamy and just so so so good. Good for you Justin I like the direction you’re going in.

Ramen- So when someone is packing your lunch for you, sometimes there are things you don’t want.  As a general lunch rule of thumb during Phase 3 we usually share lunches and have bites of other peoples lunches and maybe trade depending on what was packed by our host parents.  Some days there’s nothing good to share and buying a quick lunch is the only option and when that happens it’s time for ramen.  We found one specific ramen that was so spicy it actually made me sweat when I ate it and that right there is the dream.

The makeup place in the small bazaar- Beautiful, good quality and cheap makeup at my finger tips.  Just what I need.

Phase 3- I just had entirely too much fun.

My New Sandals- So. This comes with a funny story.  Apparently Birkenstocks aren’t appropriate club foot wear in Bishkek.  I learned this the hard way.  So I had to buy new sandals if I wanted to get into anywhere fun on the weekends, but I lucked out and found some excellent sandals at the Kant Bazaar and I got them for super cheap.

Facetime- Texting my friends every day is wonderful and I’m lucky to have that luxury.  I’m even luckier to be able to Facetime with them.  Calling all my people on Michelle’s birthday and being able to talk to them while they were celebrating helped me to feel like I was there and helped miss them a little less.


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