The One Where She’s A Grown Ass Woman

So my friend Colleen wrote this awesome blog post talking about being a woman here and the differences between the lives we lived in America and the adjustments here.  In America I’m considered an adult, kind of, but being 25 years old I handle my own shit. I can make my own doctors appointments, I had health insurance and got my shit handled.  Granted I’m still a hot mess a majority of the time but for the most part and when it comes to professional aspects of my life, I’ve got it down.  However, here in KG because I’m not married I’m still considered a girl.  I would only be thought of as a woman after I was married.  This fact in itself is frustrating but add living in a household filled with siblings (minus by 16 year old sister) who are all older than me, married and with children, I can’t do anything.  We have a kaylyn in my house (sometimes two) which is the word for daughter-in-law.  Kaylyn’s have a lot of responsibilities in the household, and when I say a lot I mean all of them.  They do the cooking, cleaning and general all the household chores along with taking care of their own children and sometimes the other children.  So being able to cook my own food, do my own laundry and do anything is tough.  It’s usually a conversation where I have to explain that I like doing things myself and that I don’t need someone to do it for me.  Which of course implies that I don’t like the way they do it or I don’t like their food, which is 100% not true because my Kaylyn makes EXCELLENT food.  But cooking is a hobby and I like doing it myself, which again is hard to explain and sometimes doesn’t translate the way I would want it to. While I struggle to be my own person sometimes and figuring out what my role in the household can be I need to remind myself that I’ve been living with this family for not even two months.  We barely know each other.  So I’ll tip toe into the world of being an independent woman and until then I’ll try to be a good daughter.

Here’s the link to Colleen’s blog post where she said basically everything I wanted to say, because homegirl gets it.


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