The One Where She Has September Favorites

The Start of the School Year- The first day of school is my favorite day.  Maybe ever.  I love the excitement and I love everyone seeing their friends after they hadn’t seen them over the summer.  There’s a quote that I LOVE from You’ve Got Mail.

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.”

I love this whole thing. Everything about it. Lets make that quote also a favorite.

Socks with Berks- So in Kyrgyzstan you should always be wearing socks. Just always. No matter how hot it is or what kinds of shoes you’re wearing, you should be wearing socks.  Also you usually take your shoes off outside and you don’t wear them inside so you need something that slips on and off and also socks.  So Berks and socks is a match made in heaven.

Peroshkis- So peroshkis are fried dough that are filled with potato and sometimes maybe like chopped up green veggie bits called juz eye.  But they’re so good to eat quickly in between my lessons and our cafeteria makes them so they’re not super oily and I love it.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern- This BOOK. Ok so Mom and Lizzie I’m acknowledging you now and saying that yes I should have read this forever ago. YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT OK.  But I highly recommend this book I really loved it.

Magic- So I have been a long time lover of Harry Potter like I have an HP tattoo and your girl loves magic.  But with the help of other Steph and Sarah we’ve been REAL into magic videos lately.  So i recommend it, Justin Wilman the man who also hosts Cupcake Wars is our favorite.  His Drunk History with his fiance is also a must watch.

Lasagna- I made lasagna for my family recently and it went great.  Making food here is always a trick as far as what’s going to work ingredients wise or what people will and won’t like.  But the lasagna went well, I didn’t include to many spices so it wasn’t too flavorful for them but was pretty bland for me.  But it was still lasagna.  Made me think of home.

Sleepovers- I LOVE sleepovers.  Always have.  I will always want to sleepover somewhere, I never want to go somewhere for just a day.  That’s like a waste of time in my eyes.  I want to maximize time and then I want to cuddle and watch a movie.  Especially with my Issyk-Kul ladies like Steph, Emily and Sarah who have set up a good post at my house.

Jeremy Came Back- So my bestie who got himself fucking IMPALED over the summer had to return to America for some further medical care and he came home!! I was pretty worried he might be gone forever and then he came back to me.

Scarves- So it’s starting to get chilly and chilly in the best way.  The mountains are getting snowy and that means it’s scarf weather.  One of the things that some might argue I brought too much of is scarves and WHO’S LAUGHING NOW.

Kygryz Fall Weather- The weather in Karakol in the fall so far has been ideal.  We’ve actually been experiencing some warmer than usual weather but that’s been great.  It’s been the perfect crisp and sunny weather.


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