The One Where She Talks About Poop

As Peace Corps volunteers, there are a lot of things that we talk about with each other that we might not openly talk about with anyone else.  One of those topics is poop.  There’s a saying that you aren’t a real Peace Corps Volunteer until you’ve pooped your pants.  The other night my friend Alex said, “There are two things Stephanie loves, magic and people pooping their pants.” And he’s 100% correct.  Most of my favorite people have pooped their pants at one point or another and I don’t care if I’ve known you for the entirety of my life or if we’ve just met, if you want to be friends then you should tell me a story about your pooping your pants or someone you know pooping their pants.  There is only one exception, if you were sick when it happened then I don’t think it’s as funny because I just feel bad for you for not feeling well.  Now some people would say, “Steph don’t you think this is a little gross and unladylike to talk about?” and my answer to that is YOU’RE UNLADYLIKE AND GROSS TO TALK ABOUT.

SO needless to say if you’ve pooped your pants in country I of course want to hear about it. I also want to hear about it like if you’ve done it in America or anywhere else I’m not particular about the place.  I also immediately feel closer to anyone I know who has pooped their pants.  This is a very, I’m not sure if intimate is the appropriate word, but I guess intimate experience.  One of my now favorite people in country told me about how he’s pooped his pants on maybe the second day after we met and I was sold.  Also future gentlemen callers, don’t feel like I’ll think this is gross and not want to be with you if you tell me about it because you’re WRONG.  One of my favorite people in college and grad school and for secrecy we will refer to him as Folan pooped his pants TWICE. TWICE. I was lucky enough to be present for one and I swear to god it was the closest I’ve ever come to having a heart attack.  The sounds that come out of my body while someone tells me a story about it are sounds that I don’t think humans are built to make.  I really don’t.

So to wrap up this blog post, I love this shit. Lol do you get it guys? Do you get it?


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