The One Where She Has October Favorites

Spain- Fucking duh.  This trip was amazing.  Seeing everything that I saw when I was there the first time but through fresh eyes and seeing things I didn’t see the first time around was really amazing.  One of our most memorable experiences and something that we saved for the last day was going inside the Sagrada Familia, which is Gaudi’s famous church that is still under construction and Steph and I spent an hour inside and a majority of that time just sitting in the chairs set up in the middle just looking around us.  It’s truly breathtaking, if you’re going to Barcelona it’s a must see.  Also the food and the culture and the people, it was amazing.

Primark- OK.  Europe you guys get it.  This store is fucking amazing.  I’ve heard of it before and I’ve heard it’s just like endless inexpensive but fairly good quality clothing. And that’s 100% true.  I bought new pants and sweaters and the couple things I knew I needed at home but couldn’t buy in KG.  Also finding pants that fit perfectly and made me feel fucking badass wearing them, A+ Primark.

Seafood- I am a seafood lover and while we have “seafood” in KG we like don’t have seafood in KG lol I ate so much squid and octopus in Spain it was unreal.

Sephora- So this is just like a life favorite BUT the Sephora in Barcelona is the best Sephora I’ve ever been in.  I could have cried.  I bought some new makeup and that was so great and had a wonderful Spanish man show me some of the new mascaras that are out right now.

Fall/Winter Makeup- While I absolutely love fall and abhor winter something that they have in common is the makeup trends and let me tell you, I thrive in the winter and fall.  It’s dark warm colors and they also tend to be more dramatic and that’s my shit.

Long underwear- It’s cold.

My Students- I planned a Halloween party for when I was gone that my CP and my girls could put on to celebrate and show some traditions while showing off their English.  I gave them all kinds of Halloween information and they ran with it.  I was so proud of all of them when I saw the pictures and videos from the party and heard such positive feedback from all the teachers and from the girls.

The Bachelor- Ok, this one is like a one time thing.  When Steph and I were so sad in Istanbul after missing our flight we bought a bottle of scotch and went back to our hotel and this was the only English speaking show we could find.  And it was amazing.  I’ve never actually watched The Bachelor but the one episode we watched did the job for me and I also never have to watch it again.

Hotels- When we have trainings we usually get put up in hotels or resorts and it’s the best.  It’s nice to be away from site and get to be pampered a little bit.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman- Read this book.

This months is short because like I said in the previous post October was not my best month.


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