The One Where She Has November Favorites

There’s a lot of music this month and then an assortment of odd other things.

25 by Adele- GODDAMN IT THIS ALBUM IS GOOD.  I was talking to a friend about Adele, as you do, and the thing is that yes the lyrics are sad and relatable but it’s also just HER.  That voice and the way she sings just like cuts to the core of me.  Also I love that her new album is out because I love her in interviews.  She’s so genuine and crass and her laugh is my favorite thing (mostly because it’s like mine, so loud and obnoxious more on the cackle/scream side).  I recommend Can’t Let Go, Love In The Dark, Sweetest Devotion and Why Do You Love Me. But also the ENTIRE album.

Made in the A.M. by One Direction- DUH. My boys. It’s wonderful.  It’s got a fun and different feel and I just love them guys.  Wolves, Temporary Fix, Never Enough and Hey Angel are my recommendations but if you want to listen to the song that makes Cass and I think of each other/makes me cry because I miss her so much then listen to If I Could Fly.

Purpose by Justin Bieber- This little mess.  JB I do love ya buddy, I’ve been diagnosed with Bieberfever a few times in my life and this is one of those times, Dr. Marat is very confused.  But it’s really good.  Been You, The Feeling and Sorry are my jams.

Bon Iver- So I’m late to the club.  Much like Alt+J I always hear Bon Iver and am like omg I LOVE this and then never do anything.  But I downloaded the discography and I’m in guys.

Snapchat- So I’ve always loved SC. I think it’s fun and I like seeing what all my friends are up to throughout the day and I just think it’s fun and funny.  But it’s a nice way for me to connect with everyone while they’re home and I’m here in a casual way.  Sometimes it’s nice to send a snap to someone I haven’t talked to in a long time and just have a quick thinking of you moment.  Then there’s also the constant play by plays I get from my Anderson women and Phoebe and Ethan and I love that shit.  (Pheebs post more pictures of Mango).

Veep- So I’ve always held back on Veep because it was winning awards over Parks and Rec and I’m a stubborn grudge holding bitch and wasn’t watching it just out of spite.  But godDAMN it’s good.  I like that they can say fuck because I have crude childlike sense of humor and the word fuck makes me laugh and the cast is just so good and it just nails it. The episode in season 3 when Selena becomes President (sorry spoilers) and her and Gary are in the bathroom and he gets a nose bleed because he’s so excited and she’s pulling endless things out of his briefcase, I was losing my mind.  I’m downloading the fourth season as I type.

The Mindy Project- I’ve been downloading season 3 and re-watching it as I download and this show is so good.  How it got canceled I will never know but thank you Hulu for being wonderful and scooping my girl up.  This is one of those shows that just has the same sense of humor that I do.  Which I’ll take as Mindy Kaling and I having the same sense of humor meaning we could be friends (girl if you’re reading this I’m super available).  A recent favorite quote/ favorite of all time is, “I have some of my ex-boyfriends hair but that is exclusively for curses” and when she finds out that Danny was a male stripper and he gives her a performance and she PUTS ON HER GLASSES.  I was CACKLING.

Thanksgiving- This Thanksgiving was definitely one for the books.  My first Thanksgiving away from home and not with family and also my first time really cooking.  We had a wonderful day, I was surrounded by most of my favorite people in country and we had just some outrageously delicious food.  Like American good.  Just a fun day spent cooking and drinking wine and celebrating.  Was a nice way to spend the holiday for sure.  My counterpart also took me out to lunch on the actual day so I would have something to celebrate that day because she’s wonderful in every way.  My tutor/second Mom also made us a Thanksgiving celebration dinner which was delicious and special.  So overall felt loved and was a wonderful way to spend the couple days we celebrated.

Nars Taj Mahal Blush- THIS STUFF god it’s so good.  It’s basically a highlighter and blush combo, in classic Nars fashion, and it’s so beautiful. It’s apparently the color that Naomi Campbell wears normally and it’s this insane orange, shimmer, gold amazingness and I love it.  So perfect for any season and also any skin tone.

Sunshine- It’s been unseasonably warm here for November and it’s been sunny which has been amazing. I’m 100% a person who is effected by the weather.  My mood can totally change if the weather is cloudy and gray and especially if it’s been like that for a while.  Which it was here in KG but lately it’s been sunny and crisp and beautiful.  Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself but it’s been wonderful.

My heater- It’s cold y’all and gonna get colder.  So while the sun is nice it’s also going down at about 5:30 so this heater is a life saver.

Headphones that work- So for the longest time I had headphones that only worked out of one ear and I bought myself new ones in Spain and man I forgot how great music sounds! It also has been freaking me out lately because when I’m walking through town listening to music there are things that I haven’t heard because I’ve only had one ear bud so some of the background parts of songs have been freaking me out thinking someone is like coming at me as I’m walking through town lol.

Primark Pants- THEY’RE SO GOOD. Also pants that fit are nice because all my other pants are way too big now.  But Primark knowns how to make pants that’s for sure.

Life of Ryan- Remember when Ryan Sheckler had his own MTV show? And…..he talked….in big gaps…………like this……..? Because I do and I love talking in the Ryan Sheckler voice and I just downloaded it and I can’t wait to start watching it.


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