The One Where She Celebrates the Holidays

The holidays are a weird time. Sometimes you love them and sometimes you hate them. I’ve always loved the holidays but for some reason (and I’m probably the opposite of everyone) holidays felt almost more special in a different way being abroad. Peace Corps teaches us a lot but specifically it teaches us to handle hardships and to adjust. But this year I didn’t feel like I had to do any adjusting or hard shipping Christmas and Thanksgiving wise. I think about it like this. I’ve had 24 holiday seasons with my family and I’ll have a million more. I only get two holiday seasons with my PC family. Celebrating together felt different and special. Cooking all day together, doing secret Santa, singing and enjoying each other’s company. It was an amazing holiday season. Here’s a picture of Steph and I being adorable.

So after getting peanut butter and sparklers for Christmas I was a happy camper. I was able to talk to my fam and Cass on Christmas Day and had an amazing time with my friends.

But the real holiday of holidays in KG/around the world is New Years. New Years here is big. Real big. There’s New Years trees and everyone is in costume and there’s fireworks. So in a weird way it’s all of my favorite holidays combined. But we took full advantage of the holidays and took some program leave in Bishkek for the week and while it was painful for my wallet/body it was very helful for my soul. We saw The Nutcracker, ate at all of our favorite restaurants, spent time with my favorite people and just enjoyed ourselves. So in actuality this was one of the best holiday seasons I’ve ever had. So Happy New Year to that.  

Here’s a picture of four turkeys on the side of the road.


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