The One Where She has December Favorites

End of the year wrap up guys here we go

The Holidays- Like I said in my previous post I loved the Holidays this year I really really did.  This is also probably the most “Christmassy” I’ve ever felt.  Maybe because of the lack of Christmas around me but I was all in this year. Christmas music. Christmas movies. Christmas everything. I loved it all.  And I’m not normally like this in America.  Normally I don’t even want to help decorate the tree.

Volunteer Potluck- Let me tell you what.  Volunteers know how to cook.  When you’re living in a country that doesn’t have a lot of the foods(/all) that we love you have to get crafty.  We had some outrageously delicious food this year.  Duck with pineapple, ziti, yams with marshmallows, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I had some bomb ass eggplant parm that I was really really proud of.

New Year Celebrations- I talked about this briefly in my previous post but New Year in Kyrgyzstan is a unique and amazing thing.  It’s this amazing mix of Fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas.  All wrapped into one.  There’s costumes and fireworks and huge New Year Trees.  It’s amazing. Everything is lit up and it’s so much fun.  There’s huge parties and it’s overall a wonderful time.  I think we told every single person we saw when we were in Bishkek and I love the look of happiness and surprise on someones face when we say Happy New Year to them in Kyrgyz.  Their whole face lights up and it’s just amazing.  We got to see the President speak in Ala-Too Square and watch the huge fireworks then go to our favorite bar where my favorite bartender immediately handed me a huge confetti launcher because she gets me.

A Staycation- After Christmas and during New Year Celebrations my friends and I took advantage of some program leave to go to Bishkek and do some work away from site and to also celebrate the Holidays.  While this trip may not have been the best for my body or my wallet it was definitely good for my soul and my heart.  I have said this over and over again I am beyond lucky for the friendships that I have in country.  I am lucky to be surrounded by strong amazing and driven women who also happen to be huge babes and outrageously fun (MY TURKEYS aka Pheebs, Steph and Sarah).  But having some time just staying in an apartment and feeling independent was great.  It felt like living with roommates again and in the best way possible.  With all of our other best friends in and out of the apartment over the week it was more than I could have asked for.  Best way to end the year and bring in the new one.

Living with girlfriends- This is an extension of the previous post but living with girlfriends is the absolute best thing in the world.  Living with dudes is fun and fine but nothing beats girlfriends.  Being able to get ready together and ask questions about what to wear and makeup and sharing clothes and makeup and jewelry it’s just the best.  Anyone who knows me knows I can’t speak highly enough about female friendships.  They get a bad rap because people in the world are ridiculous but nothing beats it. Being woken up by Steph was I was hungover with a giant bottle of my favorite cold tea or Sarah walking to the store to buy us all shawarma or Pheebs making eggs in the morning (naturally all food related) but girls do these kinds of little things for each other.  (Also nothing beats completely supportive and nonjudgemental friends to live with/be with all the time.) And it’s the best.  I’m sorry dudes but you guys are dropping the ball.

No Name Eyelashes- I have found the perfect eyelashes and in Kyrgyzstan of all places.  They are the fluffiest and most natural but still dramatic lashes I have ever owned and I’m obsessed with them.  I bought two pairs one very full but more natural and the other the complete opposite.  I also managed to lose one of EACH in the apartment and then find them both so I mean God works in mysterious ways, you know?

The Game- I don’t mean the rapper. I mean an actual game.  So Steph taught us this game and we played with everyone that was in our apartment this week and it’s excellent.  You can play with any amount of people but the more you play with the harder it gets.  I believe the most we’ve successfully played with is 6.  So you start by saying a random word. Any word. You count to three and then say it out loud.  Then you have to say a word that goes along with the words said.  So if I said water and my friend said blue we might both say ocean.  The goal is to all say the same word at the same time and to see how fast you can get there.  Sometimes it takes an hour other times it takes 30 seconds but it’s fun.

The Elf Soundtrack- Like I said I’ve been loving Christmas and I downloaded the Elf soundtrack as well as the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack and I’ve been listening to both nonstop and also as I type this.

Matching- I LOVE MATCHING. I always have and I always will. Some friends will appease me with this and others won’t.  But I love owning the same clothes/accessories as friends and being able to match.  I just think it’s hilarious and awesome.  I love buying my family members matching things so we can be matching buddies I just love it.  Pheebs, Steph and I all bought the same skirt this week and Steph and I own a LOT of matching things.  Also probably 20% of my clothing matches with Cassie.

2015-It was a big one. I can’t wait to see what happens this year.



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