The One Where She Talks About 2015

It’s absolutely crazy to me to think that on January 1st 2015 I was waking up with Brutus at Scott and Curtis’ house and this year I woke up in an apartment in Bishkek as a Peace Corps volunteer. That’s crazy to me.  Of course I knew at this point last year that I would be here but what a change.  Last year on January 1st I was a Chase Bank employee.  Now I’m a Federal Employee as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  I was 50 pounds heavier than I am now. This year I can speak Kyrgyz and I’m teaching English in a foreign country.  How did this all happen? Of course there have been huge changes, I lost my grandmother while living abroad which is something I never thought I would have happen.  One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with and even being on the other side of the world I was still surrounded by people that love me even if I couldn’t be with my family.  I’ve missed big milestones and I got to celebrate huge milestones here.  The life abroad is a weird thing.  It is harder than I ever imagined and easier than I could have hoped.  The things that are hardest are not what I would have expected and yet sometimes it feels so easy and right to be away.  The coming year will be the first full year of my life I’ll be away from home and even abroad.  And we’re even coming up on our 1 year mark in Kyrgyzstan (and Scott’s 40th birthday) which I absolutely can not believe.  This job at times feels like the worst choice I’ve ever made and then the absolute best choice I’ve ever made.  But I have never once questioned if I’m doing the right thing by being here or if this is what I’m meant to be doing right now because I know it is.  The last couple months haven’t been the best and if you regularly read my blog you will know I’ve been whining about it for a minute now.  But I feel completely on the other side and the New Year feels fresh.  Taking the time to think about the progress made in the time I’ve been here really brings it all into perspective and it blows my mind.  So 2016 lets do the damn thing.


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