The One Where She Talks About her Favorite Feelings

I said to Steph and Paul the other day “Do you know what I love……about friendship?” and after we were done crying laughing about that sentence I told them.  And I got to thinking about my favorite feelings WHICH ARE AS FOLLOWS

  1. The feeling you get when you’re all on the same page.  My favorite feeling is saying an idea that’s pretty outrageous or ridiculous and having all my friends say YES LETS DO IT.
  2. Saying something in unison.
  3. Starting to pick up the same speaking patterns as your friends.
  4. Waking up after going out and having all of your belongings.
  5. Perfect winged liner.
  6. The way it feels when you FaceTime someone and they answer the phone.
  7. Getting mail.
  8. The first bite of your favorite food.
  9. Getting surprised.
  10. Giving an amazing gift that you know someone will love.
  11. Finishing a to do list.
  12. Opening a new lipstick.
  13. Peeling off a face mask.
  14. Butterflies when you get a text message.
  15. Making eye contact with a best friend and not even having to say anything but know exactly what they’re thinking.
  16. The perfect sleeping position. Like you know you’re immediately gonna fall asleep.
  17. The hungover and everything is funny feeling.
  18. The first sip of coffee.
  19. When you put your music on shuffle and it plays the perfect song first.
  20. Having your favorite song come on in a club.
  21. Free drinks.
  22. Having my host siblings come running down the street when I come home from work.
  23. Getting the text saying you received units on your phone after you typed it into the machine and immediately panic thinking you typed in the wrong phone number.
  24. Getting the email saying we got paid.
  25. When my students are able to make complete thoughts in English.
  26. Having someone play with your hair.
  27. Hot shower after a long time without one.
  28. Listening to a friend tell a story that they think is so funny they can’t even tell it they’re laughing so hard.
  29. The smile on the ladies faces at the bazaar when I speak to them in Kyrgyz.
  30. My host parents introducing me as their daughter.
  31. Getting a complete thought out in Kyrgyz.
  32. Being thanked for my service.
  33. Walking home from work and the mountains look like cotton candy from the sunset.
  34. A perfect high five.
  35. Those days when you’re like I KNOW I look good today.
  36. Inside jokes.
  37. Freshly painted nails.
  38. How excited my dog is when I come out to play with her.
  39. Being in the ocean.
  40. Genuine appreciation.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Greg Jackson says:

    You, my dear, are glorious! ❤ xoxox


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