The One Where She has January Favorites

So we’re about halfway through February I KNOW I’M SORRY but it’s been a busy month but I’m here it’s happening and it’s a leap year right? so I get an extra day like it doesn’t count? Am I completely wrong? I don’t know.

Pillowtalk by Zayn- Listen I can’t talk about it.

Enemy- Ok. This movie.  Fucked with my brain and I LOVED IT.  So it’s a Jake Gylenhaldlkasdf movie about dopplegangers but it’s much more than that and also like not that at all.  But I want everyone to watch it and then text me and tell me what you think the movie means.

Southern Fried Chicken- Something that’s amazing about Bishkek is the food.  There’s everything you could want or at least a close equivalent OR there’s the grocery stores available to buy what you want so you can make it.  SFC is my new favorite fast food.  It’s probably the closest I can get to hungover KFC and it just does the job.  There’s also always something going on anytime I’m there like a weird dance competition or something else crazy but I’m into it.

Work- In general.  January is a month of vacation.  There’s no school and nobody works like nobody but I worked my ass off this January.  I started planning big things I wanted to do, I wrote a grant, I started trainings and I got shit done and I loved it.  I hate feeling unproductive and as you’ve read in my previous whiney blogs I’ve had some issues with that but WE’RE MOVING FORWARD.

Nurgul Eje- This woman.  I’m pretty sure she’s been a favorite already? And I know she will be in the future.  Nurgul eje is my Kyrgyz tutor and she is also a million more things to me.  She is like a second host mother, a confidant, a friend, a shoulder to cry on and a support system.  This woman is the one.  I posted a picture of a bunch of us with her and I talked about people that make your service and this woman makes mine.  She makes it better than I thought it could be.  She understands me as a person and as an American and the struggles that I have and she knows when to support me and when to tell me I’m being a dummy.  She knows everyone and she has connections like it’s nobodies business and she’s just amazing.  She is the best cook in country and she loves the good things in life, good food, good company, good cognac and good tea.  I love this woman.

Slippers- My wonderful host family bought me slippers as a New Years present and I have never been one to wear slippers.  Usually I prefer to let my feet breathe I don’t like them to feel trapped in socks.  But KG has changed me.  I’m an avid sock wearer and now slipper wearer.  These things are AMAZING and everyone I know will be getting a pair when I come home.

My Counter Part- I am forever grateful and thankful that I have Jarkyn.  Some volunteers struggle with their counter parts but I am so lucky.  I have a wonderful counter part that wants to work with me, she supports my secondary projects, she wants to spend time together outside of work, she invites me into her home and I feel close with her family and she is the epitome of a friend.  I don’t know how I got so lucky.

My dog- Now ok in KG you learn not to get attached to animals. Of any kind. Because they’re either dinner or a burden.  Pets aren’t really a thing but somehow a German Shepard puppy showed up in my yard and I LOVE HER.  She is so precious and is such a mess and I just love her.  I won’t give her a name because I’m clearly not attached in any way but she’s pretty cute and she’s pretty great.

Gender Equality Club- So Phoebe came and did a presentation to our American Corner about starting a Gender Equality Club and this is something I’ve been wanting to do in general.  She did some activities and some of my favorite students were as excited about the club as I was so I started my own.  I’ve been loving it, I feel so good after each session about the work I’m doing and about the amazing things that come out of the mouths of these girls I work with.  They’re so smart and driven and they think outside of the box and I’m so proud of them and I’m excited for the rest of this club and to see what else they do.


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