The One Where She has February Favorites

Work by Rihanna- Ok, I feel like a lot of people either love or hate this song.  I love it.  Granted I have no idea what a majority of the words are because it’s mostly just her saying sounds but I’m down because that’s usually how my singing ends up sounding anyways.  But it’s just good Rihanna and I love it.

Formation by Beyonce- Fucking. DUH. I don’t even need to explain or go into why I love this.  The video, the song, the message, all of it.  Possessed with it.

IST- So a cool thing that we get our first year of volunteering is a whole lot of trainings.  Now these are a lot of work but they’re also a lot of fun.  It’s a chance for a lot of us volunteers to get together in a usually pretty swanky hotel and work and spend time together for a week.  TEFL IST has been one of my favorites so far.  We were in a hotel that is maybe the nicest hotel I’ve ever been in, just like ever and was with a massive group of us in Bishkek for a whole week.  That’s the dream.

University Volunteers- So I work at a College here and there are only two other volunteers who work in Universities and that means that the three of us end up doing a whole lot together.  But it’s the best.  I’m very lucky that Colleen and Nicole are the ones who I’m with for this adventure because they are smart, funny and overall amazing women.  I love that I get to collaborate with them and I love that we can talk about the positives and the struggles that we have working in different kinds of schools than the other volunteers.  They’re just the

Oscars- So Phoebe had the genius idea to have an Oscar ballot contest this year.  So all of us volunteers filled out a ballot and tried our hardest to accurately predict the outcomes.  Sarah won and she deserved it because not only did she watch every single movie but she put in the effort to really do the research about the other categories.  This was fun because I of course love the Oscar movies but it was also really fun because it was a bunch of us doing it together and just doing something silly that felt like we were at home again.  We also got to watch some amazing movies in the process.

Oscar Movies-So like I LITERALLY just said all of the Oscar movies I watched this year blew me away.  I loved every movie I watched (besides 45 years which Mom you’ll probably love) I loved but some of my favorites were Room, Ex Machina, Brooklyn, The Martian, Mad Max, The Revenant, and Bridge of Spies.  But like I said, they were all amazing in their own way.

Vacation Planning- So it’s time for another vacation and planning is the best part.  I love finding the places to go and planning out the must sees of the trip.  Planning a vacation is fun but planning it with your absolute best friends is really fun.  Yep, you read correctly The Turkey’s are going on vacation!


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