The One Where It’s Worth While

I LITERALLY just posted about being stretched thin and being kinder to myself during my service.  But then things happen when you work that hard that make it worth while.  I’ve had two of those things happen.  My grant got approved and is currently on the Peace Corps website collecting donations but also one of my best students got accepted into FLEX, which is a program that sends students from central Asia to America for a school year.  We’re told to lower our expectations when we get to country.  That much of our work will show results much later down the line and that we might not see immediate results.  So when you see the results right in front of you, it’s staggering.  I can’t believe that the grant I wrote to build a Daycare is HAPPENING and that my star student got accepted into this program and gets to go to America.  I couldn’t be more proud of these accomplishments and even if I don’t see results for the rest of my service, I have these things.


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