The One Where She Has April Favorites

Lemonade- Ok.  Lets take a minute.  Not only is this stunningly beautiful visually, lyrically, production wise, and the messages involved but it’s revolutionary.  This is going to be one of those albums that we look back on and talk about the change it made in music and in American culture.  It just is.  She’s addressing issues that people are usually too afraid to address or talk about and she’s doing it without fear.  There’s a quote online about the album that says “Lemonade is for black women, the rest of us are very lucky eavesdroppers at best. Behave accordingly (which probably means, hush).” And this is 100% true.  This album wasn’t made for me, but all I can do is praise it and appreciate it for what it is, what it stands for and what she’s doing with this album and I can’t wait to see what happens with it.

Kygo- I’ve been loving Kygo’s music for a while now but I really got into it this month.  It’s a fun kind of EDMish music that hasn’t been around.  It’s enjoyable without making me feel like I should be on Molly.

Mr. Robot- Ok so I’ve heard all the buzz about this show and it was winning awards and doing really well but I didn’t actually know what it was about.  It was one of those things where it’s like ok this is making a huge buzz as far as pop culture I should watch this.  And I did not regret it.  The show does take some patience as far as letting the characters develop and the show and themes as a whole but once they get going it really gets going.  The last two episodes of the season are unreal and I’m really looking forward to the next season I’m curious to see what they’ll do.  The writing and the characters are fantastic and it’s definitely a must watch.

Mozart in the Jungle- THIS SHOW.  Is so good and so sweet and funny and genuine and I LOVE it.  I also LOVE Bernadette Peters and always have so her being on the show was part of what drew me to it.  Something with the shows that I’ve been loving recently and this show is no exception is really outstanding casting, diverse casts in general and the writing of the shows I’ve been recommended or stumbled upon has all been phenomenal.  This show has serious issues and moments but is still just light hearted and fun to watch. I watched both seasons in a day so that should give a sign as to how I felt about it.  The main character is a little unbearable at first but give her a chance she gets cool and I love that maestro.

Apartment Living- I was happy when I moved into my apartment about two months ago but now that I’ve really settled in I’m feeling happy and at home.  It’s just nice to come home to a space that’s all mine, no surprises, no unexpected guests and not having to worry about what I might be coming home to.  It’s also just great to have a place that I can have friends come and cook together and hang out and just be ourselves and relax.  That’s sometimes hard to find when you live with host families and it’s just been great overall.  I also love buying apartment stuff and making the place my own.

Vacation planning- So the Turkeys were supposed to go to Turkey but with travel restrictions we can’t do that anymore.  So instead Sarah and I are going to Greece!! I can’t wait and I’m sure there will be some kind of post about it after we come back but a vacation is over due at this point and it’s right at the end of the school year and before the summer work gets going so I can’t wait.

1 Year mark- So I wrote a different blog post about how I’ve changed in a year and what I learned but not only is it crazy to think that we’ve been here for a year but seeing how I’ve changed, how my friends have changed and all we’ve accomplished in our first year.  I’m so proud of my friends in the work that they’re doing and they continue to do and just the way our first year has gone.  Of course we had some issues like with VISAs and having half of the group a head of us leave and the normal struggles but we’ve come out the other side and hitting a year feels good.  I’m ready for the second half.

Fresco Ice Cream- So ice cream in country can be hit or miss and usually the miss is a pretty big miss and the hit is usually just a foul ball so still not what you’re looking for.  UNTIL. Eddie and Phoebe surprised Ethan and I with the best ice cream I’ve had in country.  Fresco is a brand that Sierra Coffee carries but only three flavors.  They also have a truck that I didn’t know about and they have other specialty flavors and it was life changing.  So if you’re in the city especially now that it’s the temperature of the surface of the sun here I recommend it.

Second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- Now ok.  I definitely had high expectations for this.  And while it didn’t necessarily meet them I was definitely happy it was back.  This show just fucking kills me and I love the way Tina Fey writes and the way she creatives characters and conflicts and the way she incorporates issues and things from life into her shows.  In particular “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women” POUR IT ON HER TINA.

Sunglasses- Sunglasses are my favorite accessory.  I apparently “have a face for sunglasses” which I assume means that my face looks better half covered up BUT I’m still possessed with them.  I recently bought roughly four pairs in one outing because I just love them.  I have entirely too many in America and I only brought one pair with me.  So I needed to build a better collection here.  They’re just easy and fun and they round out an outfit.

Duck- This unfortunately is a favorite that will probably cost me some money in America.  I’ve come to really love duck while living here.  It’s easy to cook, duck shashlyk is just my summer dream and I love incorporating it into meals.  It’s more robust than chicken but doesn’t weigh down the way beef does.  So I’ll definitely be incorporating it more into my diet at home.

Adidas Classic Sneakers- So this is a like a pre-favorite? I’ve found these adidas sneakers, think the classic three stripe sneakers but with black and gold detailing and I NEED them.  I’ve found them in a few places in the bazaar but they didn’t have them in my size so I’ll keep searching and will report back.

SPRING- It’s sprung and I can’t tell you how happy I am.  I am 100% someone who is affected by the seasons, I am not as happy of a person in the winter as I am in the other three seasons.  So I was definitely feeling weighed down by the cold and the gray and now that everything is in bloom I definitely feel like I am too.  So definitely very happy to have nice weather back.

Game of Thrones- I’m SO glad it’s back. I love the drama of it, I love texting my Mom to talk about it with her and I’m VERY curious to see where they go now that they’ve surpassed the books.

Sundays- As many people know Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s a day of rest and a day to do nothing but watch TV and eat everything in sight.  That’s the way the lord intended it to be, I know she texted me about it.  Recently Eddie, Phoebe, Ethan and I had literally the perfect Sunday in Bishkek.  We lounged, ate ice cream, had all kinds of food, and had a sleepover and watched Broad City.  That’s the DREAM.  My birthday also falls on a Sunday this year so I’m thrilled for that.


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