The One Where She Talks About What She Wished She Knew

I wish I knew that I didn’t have to pack for an office job or as conservative as I thought I would have to be.  A majority of the clothes I packed aren’t “me” so I’ve definitely worked with what I could find in country and had my Mom send me some stuff but I would have packed differently than I did for sure.

I wish I knew that yes I would get stared at every where and every single day.  This wasn’t something I was ready for.  I even live in a city with a large Russian population/tourist culture but still with the staring.

I wish I knew what friend were waiting for me.  I probably wouldn’t have felt so sad about leaving mine.  Who would have guessed that the Steph’s would be best friends?

I wish I knew that I would have internet all the time.  I was preparing to talk to my family sporadically and expecting to maybe talk to Cassie once a week but here I am with constant internet and I can talk to them whenever I want #poshcorps #sorryAfrica

I wish I knew that I would spend my American money.  I definitely would have saved more.

I wish I knew that I could buy so much stuff here.  I REALLY would have packed differently.  I can get so much here that I didn’t expect and I’m always surprised by the gems that I find.

I wish I knew what I was getting into. Guys I did literally zero research on Kyrgyzstan minus like the basics.  So I won’t do that again but yeah I was a dummy.  But I ended up fine!!

I wish I knew that I was going to lose my luggage.  I would have packed my carry on better, guys really learn from me be a smart packer.  Because I was realllllly not.

I wish I knew how much I would cook in country. Because I would have packed better spices to bring with me but again my parents are literal angels and mail them to me all the time.

I wish I knew how busy I would be. Volunteers talk about “how much free time they have” and I don’t have any of that.  Granted I love it and I do it to myself by piling on lots of projects but I would have prepared myself differently.

I wish I would have learned the alphabet before I came. It would have made language learning in the beginning much easier.

I wish I knew how great my language teachers would be.  Because I was WORRIED. But I lucked out with my homie Bokyt and I am forever thankful to him for helping me and teaching me and having my back.

I wish I knew more about the weather. I’m a dummy do your research and fucking pack better.

I wish I knew how great my counterpart would be.  She makes every day here better than I could ever hope.  She has my back, she understands me and I am forever thankful for my relationship with her.  Without her I wouldn’t be able to do this.

I wish I knew how happy I would be here.  Not every single day but in general.  I knew I would like it and I knew it would be great but I couldn’t have imagined what I have now.


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