The One Where She Has May Favorites

I’m late MY BAD I’ve been busy

My BIRTHDAY- Obviously the best part of the month of May.  I was incredibly lucky to celebrate my birthday in Bishkek surrounded by all of my best friends in country who came in from all over to celebrate with me.  I felt outrageously special and the whole thing was just anything I could have asked for and then some.  Made me realize how important the people I have in my life are and how great this job and this place is.

New Hair-So as a birthday treat to myself (one of many) I got my hair cut and colored in Bishkek! I went to the salon where my friend Timur works and got to spend the morning with him and the amazing girls that work at Want Beauty Studio and had an unreal morning.  It was nice to feel pampered and when I hadn’t had my hair cut or colored in over a year it was definitely much needed.  I went for something a little dramatic and new and dyed my ombre gray and I LOVE it.  While it got bleached from the sun in Greece it’s now an amazing bright blonde so either way I’m very happy and the change was much needed and helped me to feel like myself again.

Sneakers- I’m on a huge sneaker kick right now.  I love them with skirts and dresses or with anything basically.  So again for my birthday I treated myself to some Adidas Allstars and some knock off Yeezys and I couldn’t be happier.  LOOK OUT BEAUTY BLOGGERS I’M COMING FOR YOU.

End of School- I think I speak for all of us volunteers when I say we welcomed the end of the school year with open arms.  The first year is tough, getting used to the school system, language, team teaching with someone you don’t really know yet, handling school politics and just getting comfortable.  I loved my first year of school, I had amazing students that welcomed me with open arms and I’m excited to see what some of them do once they graduate and I’m excited to see the other half next year for their last year of school (and mine!).  But to say I wasn’t ready for the summer and for summer work would be a lie lol.

Summer Projects- With that being said I also can’t wait for summer projects! This summer bring GLOW camp which is easily my favorite summer camp that we offer and it brings me so much happiness an fulfillment.  Between that and being a trainer for the incoming volunteers, teacher trainings, starting my grant and HOPEFULLY getting to the lake this summer I’m excited.

GREECE- Sarah and I went to Greece and it was absolutely amazing.  It was a much needed and perfectly timed vacation.  We went to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini.  Greece is one of those places where you show up and you tear up your return ticket home.  Everyone is so welcoming and generous it was just so much fun. Sarah and I got so many free shots, snacks, drinks, desserts it was amazing.  We spent a day in Athens and did a whirlwind tour of the city and saw the major sites.  Then we traveled to Mykonos and immediately went to the beach and slept off our hangovers and ended up getting only incredibly sunburnt.  But Mykonos was amazing and I’ll tell you what, I loved feta cheese before Greece but it was never really a favorite.  Now it is.  Although I don’t think that any feta will come close to the feta from Greece.  After a few amazing days in Mykonos we went to Santorini.  With beautiful beaches and just unreal views it was easy to get swept up in the country.  It was definitely hard to leave but it was nice to know that I was coming home to a lot of work and projects (and it still being warm here).  Sarah and I rented a four wheeler one day and did a big tour of most of the island and it was just so much fun and great to cruise around and explore.  I could probably write a whole post about Greece on it’s own but I’m too lazy to do that.

Sia-This Is Acting- Her new album is amazing.  I don’t know when it came out (it might not be THAT new) but I’ve been loving it.

That catchy new Justin Timberlake song- IT’S SO GOOD AND CATCHY. Damn you JT.

Elena Ferrante Neapolitan Novels- So this is a series of four books and they were amazing.  It’s not just about female friendships it’s about life, war, politics, domestic abuse, love, marriage, sex and everything under the sun.  The characters are genuine and honest and as much as you like them you also hate them.  I think that’s a risky thing for an author to do, while you aim to have the characters be likable it’s hard when they’re also complete characters and they have unlikeable qualities.  But she writes about the people in her life and tells a story that’s gripping and you want to keep reading.  Friendships are hard, especially when you’ve grown up together and change and grow and try to continue that relationship.  Definitely a must read for women and women who love female friendships.


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