The One Where She Talks About Her Day

So now that it’s summer vacation my schedule has changed.  While I’m still working everyday there are definitely changes in my day to day schedule.

During the School Year: (Monday)

7:00 am-First alarm goes off and I lay in bed and think about my life choices and if I really need to wake up now or if I can sleep more.

7:15 am-Second alarm goes off and I think, do I need to put makeup on today? Do I need to do my hair today? Can I just put it up?

7:30-Third alarm goes off and I actually get out of bed and throw on clothes and attempt to make myself look kind of presentable.

7:45-Leave my apartment and head into school.

8:00-11:50- My first half of the school day is done, I have two 80 minute classes in the morning and then a 20 minute break and two more in the afternoon.  My 20 minute break is spent having tea and a peroshki (fried dough filled with potatoes or egg and greens) with my counterpart.

12:10-2:00- Finish up the school day without falling asleep.

2:00-3:00-English Club at school. I work with some of the students who want extra English work and we usually focus on fun topics and practicing speaking.

3:00-4:00-Advanced English Club at the American Corner.  This is a club with the advanced English speakers at the American Corner which is funded by the Embassy.  I get to focus on more advanced grammar and also get to be a little more creative with activities.  Because these students have exceptional English I can have fun and try things that are a little more out of the box.

4:00-5:00-Gender Equality Club, this is one of my favorite parts of the week.  I get to talk about Gender Equality with some of my favorite students and listen to what they think about the country they live in and the changes they want to see.  It’s amazing to hear what these girls think and how they see the world around them and the changes they want to see in their life time.  This is one of those clubs that makes me feel good about being here and what I’m doing on a day to day basis.  These girls make it worth while.

5:00- Rush to the bazaar before everyone closes up and hope that my girl Rosa saved me some spinach.

5:30-7:00- Go to Karakol Coffee and sit and use some WiFi and maybe get a coffee and brownie before heading home.  Send emails, work on lesson plans, projects, and generally get all my stuff ready for the next day.

7:00- Head home, make some dinner and just enjoy the rest of the evening.

So this is a standard Monday for me during the school year.  Things of course change and I could have more or less things going on depending on what is thrown at me that day. Monday isn’t my busiest day but it’s a packed day.

During the Summer: (Also Monday aka Today)

8:00- Sarah’s alarm goes off because she’s staying with me for the week to help with the Sports Camp in Karakol with the American Corner.  I continue to lay in bed and lazily scroll through my phone checking my apps and seeing what’s going on in the world.

8:00-11:00- Literally don’t move and continue to do what I was doing just all morning.  I eventually get my computer and watch 2 episodes of Downton Abbey.

11:00- I decide that I’m ready to get up and head into Center to run errands and get the day going.

11:30- Go to the post office and pick up a package from my Gram that she sent for my birthday and check mail and I also have a card from my Aunt Sara, also for my birthday.

12:00- Come to Karakol Coffee and get my usual lunch of an egg and cheese sandwich, iced coffee and there are fresh brownies so I of course get one of those two because I can’t help myself.  While I eat lunch I chat with Olga, the owner, because I’ve been gone for two weeks so it’s nice to chat with her and the girls for a little bit.

1:00 (right now)- I’m blogging, checking emails and continuing to work on lesson plans for PST and get everything settled before I head back to Bishkek for three weeks on Friday.

The rest of the day- Will look about the same.  Sarah is done with sports camp for the day because it’s raining so we’re hanging out and working.  I have to do laundry but that won’t happen because it’s raining so I’ll probably clean my apartment and start prepping my things for leaving again on Friday.

While I’m doing as much work as I do during the school year in the summer it’s just distributed differently.  During the school year I have classes and clubs and a relatively set schedule but during the summer I have chucks of intense work like where I’m at camps, in the city working or at trainings and it’s just a different life.  Sometimes I miss the set plan of the school year where I know exactly what I’m doing every day but I love the freedom of sleeping in and having more time to myself and more time to explore the country this summer.  Hopefully my schedule will allow for some time to travel to different oblasts (especially the south) and get some quality time in at the lake.


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