The One Where She has June Favorites

Alright nerds here it is

Hotels- Now I spent a majority of the month of June (see all of it minus 4 days) in Bishkek. My bank account can attest to that as well, because your girl is broke as fuck right now.  But I was lucky enough to stay in some swanky ass hotels this month both for work and for trainings, including The Damas which is probably my favorite hotel in Bishkek (out of the four I’ve stayed in granted but still). I managed to trip walking into the revolving door at The Damas and then get knocked down trying to stand up by the sheer weight of my backpacking backpack, causing not only myself but Ethan and the staff of the hotel to all be in tears laughing while I’m trapped on the ground in the revolving door so literally no one can get to me because I’m a #mess. But once I managed to stand up again the hotel workers came to my rescue and immediately grabbed my bag from me. They’re my fav for sure.

PST Planning- So this takes some explaining.  I was picked to help as a trainer for the new group of volunteers and I was thrilled to be involved and help welcome the new group and hopefully instill some genuine good advice and helpful information to them.  So part of being selected meant that I was part of writing the curriculum for the entirety of Pre-Service Training (PST) which was no easy task.  It involved a lot of work, planning and stress in general.  I was however lucky to be involved in this with some of my besties and it’s always good to work with not only friends but people that inspire you.  So while I was jet lagged and in general out of my mind after getting back from Greece I had my homies to calm me down when needed and to remind me that IT’S ALL RELATIVE. I also forced them all to listen to Work by Rihanna roughly 9834347545345981203473 times.  Tom loves it don’t let him tell you otherwise.

PST-Granted my PST was a year ago but I forgot how much work and how stressful it can be and I was reminded of that feeling almost immediately after working with the new volunteers.  But I was thrilled to talk to new volunteers about my experience and to chat and get to know the people that would be my homies for the next year or so.  It’s refreshing to be around people that are new and are excited definitely gave me a little boost and made me feel good about the work I’m doing and the work I have coming up. I was supposed to be with them for two weeks and then I was hit with a nasty case of strep and have been laid up in the city missing my second week so I’m really bummed about that but I think working too much this summer and being kind of nonstop caught up to me and here I am.  But I had a week with them and I had a great time and I know I’ll get a chance to hang out with them for the next year.

MST- So MST is Mid-Service Training and it means all of us volunteers are together in a hotel in the city and we have seminars and do work together and with our counterparts.  Normally in all honesty these trainings can sometimes be very draining but MST was nice because it was like a check in at the one year mark and a nice way to be all together again.  We also had some really amazing sessions that felt inspiring and it was nice to kind of reconnect as a group and talk with our new Country Director and things like that.  Colleen and I gave a presentation to our TEFL group and their counterparts and it went really well and seemed well received by those involved.

PC Besties- I brag about them all the time and I don’t even care.  I am surrounded by some of the most amazing and supportive and loyal friends possible and I could not be luckier.  They make my service what it is and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Game of Thrones- OK. Now look.  You should have all watched it by now.  BUT WOW THE SEASON FINALE MAN. It was LITERALLY everything I could have ever asked for in a season finale.  Ever.  Like all the revenge I needed.  I’m still pretty lost for words about the whole thing but WINTER HAS COME MOTHER FUCKERS. I can’t wait for Dany to light them all on fire/bang Jon Snow even if he is her nephew.  (nephew? cousin? son? I can’t remember the appropriate connection I’m pretty sure it’s nephew).

Downton Abbey- So I’ve heard all kinds of talk about Downton Abbey but I’ve never watched it.  I thought it wasn’t for me wasn’t gonna be my kind of thing. I WAS VERY WRONG. It’s bougie as fuck and I loved it.  The drama and Maggie Smith was a LITERAL dream, her one liners were my favorite thing on maybe the entire show. I was however SO ANNOYED at the way they ended it.  Like I’m assuming it got canceled or something? Idk guys I’ll google it BUT still that Season 6 was a let down for the most part.  Also was I the only one who secretly just wanted Tom and Mary to hook up? No just me? OK cool. (I’ve also just realized that I didn’t watch the Christmas Special for the end of the season so I might have fucked up, I’ll get back to you).

Crop tops- Never did I ever think I would type those words out on a favorite list let alone own as many of them as I do.  But it’s true and it’s a thing. I love them and I wear them constantly, especially since Bishkek is roughly the temperature of the surface of the sun in the summer.  And with all the weight I’ve lost in country I definitely feel more comfortable in them that I would have at this time last year.  So it’s nice to feel good in something that I never thought I could wear.

Bright eye makeup- I’ve been loving wearing really bright colors on my lower lashline and doing like a super bold winged liner and thick lashes on the top lid with a neutral gray shadow to even out the bright on the bottom.  I have this like bright orange color that I love and don’t wear enough and I’ve been pulling it out of my bag all the time lately.  This also leads nicely into my next new favorite that is…..

A Beauty Blog- I’ve always wanted to start one and with the encouragement of Sarah and assorted other homies I’ve decided to make one.  So many volunteers start their service and think they can’t be pretty or they’re going to be camping the entire time they’re volunteering and for us here in Kyrgyzstan that isn’t true.  Appearance is important and reflects back on us a great deal so I take pride in the way I look and I LOVE everything makeup and beauty and fashion related so that will be coming this month. Just still workshopping a clever name, any suggestions are more than welcome.  I don’t talk about beauty too much on this blog but in my second year I want to really talk more about projects that I’m doing and get more pictures up of the cool things I’ve been working on all summer and the things coming up in the fall so I can do that stuff here and beauty stuff over there!


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