The One Where She Has July Favorites

Fruits and Veggies- This may seem like a no brainer but there is nothing better than the fruit and veg in the summer time in Kyrgyzstan.  They’re fresh and flavorful and I think at this point I have actually turned into a nectarine because I’ve eaten so many of them.  It’s easy to eat well in the summer because it’s all available and CHEAP. Spending around 50 com in the bazaar on two bags of veggies is less than a dollar.  Can’t beat that.

Karakol- I’ve talked before about how much I love my site but I did the opposite of what most of the population of Kyrgyzstan does in the summer.  I spent most of my summer in Bishkek while everyone else was here in Issyk-Kul.  I was in Bishkek for work and trainings and things and don’t get me wrong I had an amazing two months in the city but man was I missing Karakol and it’s so great to be back.  It’s nice to see all my people and get back into a semi-normal routine and also to relax a little bit.  While the tourists are driving me a little crazy I can put that aside to be home.

The Lake- All I wanted to do all summer was go to the lake.  And I had to be “responsible” and “work” BUT one of the first things I did when I got back to site was get myself in the lake and have been trying to get to the beach as much as possible before the summer is over.  I have always been a water girl.  Always.  My Mom always jokes that she has fish for children because it’s true.  We were raised going to the lake at home and I couldn’t imagine living somewhere that isn’t close to some kind of body of water.  I just need it, it makes me happy and gets me sorted back out.

Penny Dreadful- I’m a little late to the game on this show and I’ve had people telling me to watch it for a while now (sorry Jer and Eric) but I’m hooked now.  Imagine American Horror Story but British, with better acting and actually kind of scary.  The casting is amazing and the storyline is fun and it’s always exciting to see which characters will show up.  Also my girl Billie Piper is on it and her character evolution is AMAZING.

Reading- Now because I’ve been so back and forth and all over all summer I’ve been reading a lot.  And when I say a lot I mean a LOT.  Averaging maybe 3 or 4 books a week depending.  I’ve been loving everything I’ve read lately and my summer reading has been half books that Scott has sent me to read and then half that I found through Buzzfeed Books.  If you aren’t signed up for Buzzfeeds Book Newsletter and you love reading then you’re doing yourself a disservice.  You get emails a few times a month with book recommendations and they’re always amazing.  I highly recommend it. Also if you’re curious what I’m reading I have a list on the homepage of all the books I’ve read while being here.

Summer Camps- Now I’ll have a post on this in August but getting prepped for summer camps is one of my favorite things.  I love getting everything ready and getting excited for a week away with amazing students.  This summer I’m doing GLOW again which is one of my favorite programs that I’ve done as a volunteer and then a volleyball camp with Sarah! Not only am I thrilled to work with amazing groups of girls but I really can’t wait to play volleyball again.

Shrill by Lindy West- If you are a feminist and a big girl on top of that I highly recommend this.  Lindy writes in a way that is both hilarious and crushing.  She is open and honest and straight forward and it is wildly refreshing.  I read this in a day.  Highly recommend.


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