The One Where She Has August Favorites

Summer Camps- So I wrote a full post about summer camps recently but I couldn’t not include them in my favorites.

Stranger Things- THIS SHOW.  This show is so so so good.  The child actors are just amazing and refreshing to watch and they just complete the whole show.  Also Winona Ryder is amazing.  I also love that the season finale leaves us excited for the next season without leaving us like at a cliff hanger just mostly excited and curious about what will happen next.  I also this the way they wrapped up the first season was really great because they answered questions but then created new problems in a way that made sense so I think the flow from season to season will be really good.

Mock Turtlenecks- I also posted about this on my beauty blog ( so feel free to head over there and see how I feel about them.

Off the shoulder/cropped shirts- As someone who is very broad in every sense of the word, never did I ever think that I would be wearing crop tops/off the shoulder shirts on the regular.  But I am and I love them.  I will probably do a post about them (on the beauty blog) because I have shirt that’s covered in lemons that needs to be talked about.

Big Flowy Greece Pants- So I bought these pants in Greece that are huge and black and high waisted and have pockets and I’m OBSESSED WITH THEM.  I have worn them practically to death since I got them and I do not care.  They’re so flattering and they look good either casual, dressed up, or for going out.  I also can’t wait to wear them to school with my mock turtle necks.

Gray Sandals- Do you ever see something in a store and think yeah I really love these but I don’t need them and then you can’t stop thinking about them? That’s how I was with beautiful gray sandals that I saw in MIA.  I passed them up and then couldn’t stop thinking about them and realized that I needed them.  So I marched my ass back to MIA and bought them.  Little did I know that they were half off so I got them for 320 com which is a STEAL.  That’s roughy 5 dollars.  A STEAL.

Fake septum ring- So I think septum piercings are so so cool and my friend LeAnne found fake septum rings in the underground and after I tried hers on I needed one of my own.  They’re so fun and they turn any outfit immediately 150% more badass.  I was feelin some type of way walking around with mine in last weekend.

Plants- I love plants.  I think this came from my mother who has always had a literal million plants in our house and just a huge massive beautiful garden.  And lucky for me my landlord is a gardener and he gave me lots of beautiful plants for my apartment.  I also picked up a couple new ones and I’ll probably do a blog post about my apartment soon so I’ll feature them as well.

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