The One Where She Bullet Journals

image1Alright.  Just hear me out.  I discovered bullet journaling last week and have literally fallen in a sink hole of obsession.  I have never been this organized or productive IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.  I discovered this like most people by creeping all over instagram and then pinterest and then buzzfeed.  Bullet journaling is a way of keeping a journal of sorts and a precise and organized planner.  The beauty of this and what appealed to me was the lack of structure.  There are initially like certain things you should have like an index and a key of all your pages and different annotations but then it’s whatever you want.  I am a list QUEEN, I make a new to do list every single day and I usually have a million notebooks filled with a million lists at once.  NOT ANYMORE.  Now they’re all in once place and it’s cute on top of it all.


This is one of my first pages you can see I have my key for all of my annotations and then my year at a glance page.


Bullet journals can have anything you want to keep track of.  I have pages where I track my spending, what I eat in a day, blog posts, job applications, anything!


This is a break down of part of my week.  It has anything and everything I want to track, the weather for the week, my sleep schedule and then what I’m doing throughout the week and what I need to do.  I can make when I’ve moved something and when things are finished.  But like I said I have never felt more organized or productive in my life.  It’s also fun.  It’s a nice thing for me to do on Sunday, to get my week ready and plan out what I’ve got going on.

If you think you want to try I included a link to Buzzfeeds posts about them and the best ways to start and ideas about what to do with yours!

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