The One Where She has September Favorites

Nomad Games- I wrote a whole blog post about Nomad Games and I might have included this in August favorites? I don’t know but either way they were amazing.  My post has lots of pics and stuff so I suggest you read that if you’re curious!

Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley- This is the story about a man and his dog and his dog getting cancer.  Clearly I cried the whole time which is the trend of my favorite books this month but it’s a quick read with a lot of heart and is just super sweet and funny.  It’s hard to explain the book because of the way it’s broken up but I loved it.

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman- This is a book from the same author who wrote A Man Called Ove and along the same lines it made me cry like a baby.  So if you hate yourself and want to read a book that will make you sob the entire time then I say read this amazing sweet book.

Cold Water by Justin Bieber, MO and Major Lazor- If I could listen to any other songs besides this one I would but sadly I cannot.  I am possessed with this song.  I also really really love the music video.  JB has made a point that his videos as of late don’t feature him they mostly feature dancers which on his part I think is smart cause like everyone hates him.  BUT NOT ME. But this song is on full repeat.

Cool Girl by Tove Lo- I love when women write songs about not giving a fuck.  This is one of those songs.  It’s catchy and fun and the lyrics are just so great.

Cruel by Snakehips ft. Zayn- I love Snakehips in general but this song is like the epitome of cool.  I can’t think of other ways to describe it.  Zayn sounds amazing as per and the different nuances in the song itself just make it super cool.

Mura Masa- So I’ve been hearing Mura Masa in YouTube videos for years but just didn’t know it.  They must not have the same licensing as other artists because a ton of YouTubers use them and I love it.  Now that I know who they are I’ve been downloading their stuff like crazy.

CL- Ok I’m late to the game.  Ethan will kill me. So will like half of my students. BUT CL IS SO COOL. I love her music and I think she is just the fucking coolest.  Also props to me for not knowing any other adjectives other than cool in this fucking blog post apparently.  But CL is like the definition of effortless cool.  Her music is different and unique and still way fun.

House of Lies- A trend you’ll see coming up in the next couple months is me watching things that people have been telling me to watch for forever.  This is one of them.  I have been loving this show.  I love the cast and I think it’s just the right amount of dirty hilarious and still back stabby and I’m totally hooked.  I know it’s finished and I haven’t watched the last two seasons yet but it cracks me up.

Flesh and Bone- This is another one of those shows I should have watched a long time ago.  Flesh and Bone was a miniseries put on by Starz and it’s about ballerinas.  It’s about ballerinas and also about a million other things.  I watched this show in a day, 8 hours worth.  I couldn’t stop.  I was sucked directly in and it was amazing.  It’s visually beautiful because it’s about ballerinas like duh but also it grips you and rips you around as you learn about the characters.  Phenomenal show.

BLUE- I got a fucking kitten.  And he’s perfect.  He walked into Fat Cat and was like “are you my mother?” and I was like YEP c’mon homie lets go home.  And now he’s mine and I love him. I MEAN LOOK AT HIM.


Fat Cat- I’ve posted about this all over my other social media but I haven’t talked about it on my blog yet I don’t think.  Fat Cat is the cafe that my bestie Jam opened.  It’s a socially conscious cafe so a lot of her proceeds go to helping the homeless, sending school supplies to children and helping women in need.  Not only is it amazing but it’s fucking delicious.  I eat most of my meals here and entirely too much coffee.  I have spent probably the entire month of September here.  If you’re even in Karakol (I’m lookin at you PCVs), this should be your first stop.



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