The One Where She Talks About Year Two Goals


I can’t believe we’re really looking down the home stretch of service. It’s crazy to me to be applying for jobs and teaching programs right now thinking about what the next step is.  While it’s fun to start thinking about the next year and starting to get excited about the next steps there are big goals I have for the rest of my service.  While I of course have them written down in my bullet journal DUH nothing like a blog post that my friends and family and fans will read in order to hold myself accountable for the next year.  SO here it is.  Goals for the end of service and a brief explanation.

Finish my Grant- I am over halfway done with it but finishing the Daycare will be a huge achievement for me and I’m getting ready to wrap it all up now.

Travel to Every Oblast- I meant to travel all over the country this summer but I ended up being busier than I thought I would be with trainings and different work and didn’t get the chance to go anywhere! So year two, hittin the road.

Get a job!- Duh

Jailoo Trip- While I spent a lot of time up at jailoo (pastures up in the mountain valleys) during the World Nomad Games I didn’t stay in a yurt up at jailoo.  So that’s a goal for the next year.

Horse Games- I haven’t been able to watch any national horse games which tend to go hand in hand with jailoo.  That’s such a huge part of the culture here and I’m definitely bummed that I haven’t been able to watch any yet so that’s a definite.

Build up Beauty Blog- Now I can’t make money from my beauty blog because I’m a Peace Corps volunteer but hopefully in the next year I’ll be able to switch over and start doing more beauty blogging.  That’s something I really love in my day to day and is honestly something I’m passionate about.  This isn’t PC related but definitely still a goal.

GLOW trainings and leaving behind the ground work they need- GLOW is one of my favorite programs I work on here.  What I want to establish before I leave is a solid foundation for GLOW to continue in the future.  I don’t want this to stop with my group, I want GLOW to keep going and I want the girls that we work with to be more involved and to be a big part of the program in Kyrgyzstan in the future.

FORUM- The FORUM is part of the English Departments in Universities across Kyrgyzstan. This is something that I have worked very hard to try and establish in Karakol and have been met with some struggles.  But I want to really get the program moving this year.  It’s hugely beneficial for the English teachers in the area and I want them to have a solid groundwork after we leave.  I don’t want to leave and then it go right back to nothing.  Luckily I have Colleen with me in Issy now so I have some help and she has experience with FORUMs in other oblasts that have been more successful so fingers crossed.

Learn how to make lagman noodles- One of my favorite meals is boso lagman.  Lagman is a noodle soup filled with veggies and a heart broth and meat and it’s one of my favorites.  With homemade noodles it’s outrageously delicious.  Boso lagman is fried lagman.  So it’s the same dish just not as a soup, instead the ingredients are pan fried and it’s amazing.  But I want to learn how to make the noodles so I can make it for my family at home.

Break habits- I am horrible about the habbits that I have.  And they’re all food related.  While I love to cook I am a lazy cook when I’m tired after a long day, which is every day.  I come home and I make something easy that isn’t necessarily healthy.  I’ve lost 50 pounds in country but I’ve gained back 10 of that since moving into my apartment in March.  Now I know over time that isn’t a lot of weight but it’s something that I’ve struggled with for a long time.  I feel really good in my skin right now and a lot of that doesn’t have to do with my weight but it’s definitely a plus.  So I want to get better about breaking those habits.  Eating healthier and being better about making new and different meals each week.  Not just making the same thing over and over again.  Especially when that thing is just pasta with cheese every day until I die.

Bullet Journaling- I’m obsessed guys ok.  I just am.  I wrote a whole fucking blog about it.  I honestly have never felt more organized, productive or accountable in my entire life.  It’s such a great way to track my habits, behaviors and just be organized.  It’s amazing and just way productive.  I just worry I’ll stop doing it in a few months from now.  But I’m not gonna let myself.  I love how helpful it is and how good it makes me feel doing it. I know it sounds silly and I sound like a crazy person when I talk about it but I just love it so leave me alone.

Stay in Touch- I am HORRIBLE about staying connected.  I luckily have friends in my life that I can pick right up with even if we haven’t talked in a couple months and I think that speaks to the quality of the people in my life.  But I like being involved.  I like knowing what’s going on with my friends, their lives, their relationships, their jobs I love knowing those things and I need to be better.  I talk to some people every single day just constantly but especially with PC coming to an end and I have all these special people in my life I want to stay as connected with them as I can.  The same goes for all the others I have in America and spread out around I gotta be better about staying in touch.

So there it is.  I have some smaller goals that I didn’t include just because I didn’t want to (lol) but keep me accountable! I’m working my hardest to achieve them but feel free to ask me how they’re going!


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