The One Where She Has October Favorites

Alright I got a shit ton

Almaty- So to celebrate Jacob’s birthday and to take the GRE we spent a long weekend in Almaty and let me tell you it was amazing.  Almaty is really cool and like what Bishkek could be like in 5-10 years.  It was nice to walk around cool malls with stores we recognize and eat amazing food like Korean BBQ (PORK) and also KFC.  We went to cool clubs, hung out with cool people and overall had a wonderful and enjoyable time.  We also got to drink Starbucks every day so that’s pretty cool.

Welcome Weekend- Welcome weekend is one of my favorite traditions in Peace Corps.  I love getting together with everyone in my oblast to welcome the new volunteers.  We stayed at one of our favorite resorts on the south shore and enjoyed a weekend with beautiful weather, good friends and early Halloween.

Ofra Cosmetics- One of my favorite people in Kyrgyzstan is Timur, he’s from Karakol and now lives in Bishkek going to school and works as a makeup artist.  He’s my fav.  He recommended me to try Ofra cosmetics and they have by FAR the best liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried.  I consider myself a connoisseur of liquid lipsticks and this is really the bomb.  It’s very reasonably priced and the color range is great and they have neutrals to crazy colors.  Highly recommend.

Halloween- Now if you know me you know how much I love Halloween.  It’s my fucking jam.  Last year I was heartbroken when I came back from vacation with Steph and we missed our flight home because of delays and we missed Halloween.  So this year was my first in country.  Ethan and I were a pop art couple and it was fun to do cool makeup and get to be creative with my best friend.

Believer by Major Lazer- THIS SONG.  This is honestly the only thing I’m listening to right now.  On repeat.  Listen to it.  It makes me want to rage so hard and live my best life.

Dirty 30- I am a huge YouTube fan.  I love watching vloggers and the whole deal.  My favs are of course Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart.  I love following them I love that they’re all best friends and I love the content they produce.  So after their first movie I was thrilled for their next one.  And I was not disappointed.  This movie was funny and cute and enjoyable to watch. Love love loved it.

Magic by Daniel Steel- I loved this book.  It follows characters over a year of their life and how their lives change over that year.  It was a quick and fun read and I love reading stories like this about love and life and dealing with change.  Highly recommend definitely a fun read and light read.

Good Girl by Mary Kubica-I LOVED THIS BOOK. I loved the twists and the ending BLEW MY MIND.  Even if you don’t love thriller books you will love this book. I couldn’t put it down.

Haters Back Off-THIS. Ok so following the YouTuber trend.  This show is so fucking funny.  Miranda Sings KILLS ME and this show was no different.  It was so funny to see her character expanded and to see how she interacts with her family and those around her.  This show cracked my ass up.  Definitely watch it if you watch Miranda Sings.  If you don’t, start and then watch this show.

The Man in the High Castle- I loved this book and I was worried when I heard some lack luster reviews of the show.  So I went in with very low expectations and I loved it.  Of course it’s different from the book but I wasn’t upset by the changes or how they adjusted it.  I think the way they formatted it for TV was smart and they’re extending it so it makes sense for a TV audience and I really enjoyed it! I watched it in one sitting and loved it! Also being a history nerd I think the idea of what would happen if the Nazi’s won the war is cool.

Slicked back middle parts- Ok bear with me.  I am usually not a fan of middle parts.  They remind me of middle school and Hanson.  However, I have been way into a slicked back ponytail with a middle part.  I think it look sleek and I love how it looks with bold makeup and bold earrings. Which leads me to….

Tassel earrings- This is a big trend right now and I am HERE FOR IT.  I love me a bold earring and tassel earrings are no different.  I think they’re swishy and fun and jazz up any outfit.  Like I said above with a slicked back pony and some bold makeup they upgrade any outfit.

Fake septum rings- LeAnne started this for me.  I love septum piercings I think they look so cool and I just can’t commit to one BUT I don’t have to.  Fake septum rings are all over the place here and I LOVE THEM.  They make me feel some kind of way when I wear them like I’m some kind of warrior princess badass and I love them.  I might have talked about them on the beauty blog? If not I will be soon.

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