The One Where She Has November Favorites

Barbara Boxer’s interview with Chelsea Handler- I was feeling wildly sad and unmotivated and in general let down with the election results.  I was in a big rut and then I saw this interview and it was exactly what I needed.  Barbara Boxer is an amazing woman and so is Chelsea Handler and this interview really gave me a kick in the ass.  It was exactly what I needed to feel motivated again and to pick myself up off the ground and get back to work.  I highly recommend it.

DJ Marshmello- So, I waited a long time before listening to DJ Marshmello because well hello it’s some dude who DJs dressed up like a marshmallow.  But I’m in and I’m hooked. Ritual is my favorite right now.

Black Lipstick- I’ve been on the hunt for black liquid lipstick for a while now and I have had a grand total of zero luck.  It wasn’t until recently when I was watching YouTube beauty videos that I saw a blogger use gel eyeliner as lipstick.  Like duh.  It’s matte and it’s gonna stay on it’s not going anywhere.  And it didn’t, that shit stayed on all damn night and for most of the next day.

Tassel earrings- These are super popular right now and I’ve been loving them.  They just make any and everything fancy.  There are shorter ones, long ones, and lately I’ve been seeing beaded ones which I’m currently on the hunt for.  I like the longer ones because the more dramatic the better of course.

Atlanta- This show.  Is so goddamn good. I was worried because the first episode got off to a slow start but it really picked up and found it’s own.  They talk about big issue topics in a way that’s funny but still addresses issues head on.  I also think Donald Glover is the absolute best and I love anything he works on.

Westworld- THIS SHOW. After watching the season finale last night I was freaking out.  This show is so so so good and so smart in the way it’s written and the way they’re executing their plot lines and stories.  It keeps me guessing and the last episode threw us off in a way I wasn’t ready for or expecting.  Highly recommend.


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