The One Where She Has December Favorites

Eyelash extensions- So I’ll do a full post about this on my beauty blog but these are a life changer.  Our friend Saltanat does eyelashes next door to Fat Cat and not only do I get a discount they’re WAY cheaper than getting them done in America (think $15 vs. $75).  But now I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself because I can’t go back! They’re the absolute best.  I automatically feel ready and feel like I look more awake and ready for the day and presentable all without a stitch of makeup on my face.  It just cuts all my getting ready time by 100% because I don’t have to anymore.  They look great, last for about a month and the price is right.  I’m possessed.

Kyrgyz Jewelry- I LOVE all Kyrgyz and really Central Asian jewelry.  I think it’s so gorgeous and unique.  Lately I’ve spent a lot of time in Bishkek and in the underground market I just can’t help myself.  The jewelry is just so good and it’s so cheap!! So I end up leaving Bishkek with at least one new pair of earrings each time.  It’s a problem but the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right?

Christmas- We had a wonderful Christmas in the city this year.  Had a much too small apartment for too many people but had a gorgeous weekend together with some of my favorite people.  We did Secret Santa and even though I ended up getting strep it was still a wonderful weekend.  Big holidays abroad are hard but they’re a little easier when you’re surrounded by people who make it fun and you love.

Ghostbusters- Alright. Hear me out. I loved the new Ghostbusters.  I know it didn’t do well and people didn’t like it but FUCK THOSE PEOPLE.  I loved it.  I thought the cast was hilarious and wonderful.  People keep comparing it to the old Ghostbusters. DON’T. Look at it as a stand alone film.  I was cackling for most of the movie and it’s got all my favorite leading ladies in it AND cameos from the whole original cast, what’s better than that?

Daycare opening- FINALLY. My project officially opened and we had a big gorgeous ceremony and it was a wonderful day.  I’m wildly proud of the whole thing and it was great to see the support from the community and the girls being so excited to see it officially open.

Kehlani- Dude.  Kehlani is too cool for this world.  I’ve recently gotten myself just in a hole of listening to playlists of just her music and mildly obsessing over her instagram which just makes me want a million more tattoos and to shave my head and get a massive weave at the same time.

The Wangs vs. The World- I absolutely loved this book.  I’ve been reading the hype about this for a while and I was very excited to read it and it didn’t disappoint.  I think a large reason I loved this so much is because the father character reminds me of an Asian version of my grandpa.  But definitely a must read.

Gilmore Girls- I’ve been rewatching all of Gilmore Girls in order to watch the revival episodes and I forgot how much I loved it and also realized I didn’t watch the whole last season somehow.  But it’s been great to rewatch it and see which characters my adult self thinks is cute vs who my teen self thought was cute (spoiler alert it’s still Luke and Logan).

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