The One Where She Has January Favorites

So recently I got one of my wisdom teeth removed so basically for a week I was in bed icing my face in a hotel in Bishkek so this month is pretty TV heavy.

Season 3 of Mozart in the Jungle- I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s so lighthearted and fun and just enjoyable to watch.  I love the characters and their relationships both with each other and how they clash but work together.  It just makes me happy to watch and the new season was wonderful.

New Years Eve- New Years celebrations in Kyrgyzstan are the MOST FUN.  New Years is a huge deal here and they go all out.  I celebrated NYE for the second year in a row in Bishkek and spent the evening with friends, watched the fireworks and truly celebrated the New Year.

Moana-I like knew I would love this like it was just a given but I really loved it.  The music is fun, the story is wonderful and overall just an excellent movie.  I love the message and the art is just beautiful.  Highly recommend.

Insecure- This show is so good.  LeAnne recommended it to me and explained it like “Atlanta but with women and less ghetto” and I was in.  I binged watched this when I was in Bishkek getting one of my wisdom teeth out and I loved it.  Not only is the show excellent but I got some GREAT new music from the show as well.  I love that this show is making people talk and I’m excited for the next season.

This Is Us- Ok Mom you were right it’s good.  My Mom suggested this show and I saw it was nominated for a handful of Golden Globes but I really knew nothing about it.  So just what a need a show that makes me cry every episode but I of course love it.  It’s heartwarming and unique and just great to watch.

The OA-This show is weird and that’s all I can say.  I loved it, don’t really understand it and that’s really all I can say.

A Series of Unfortunate Events-THANK YOU NETFLIX they did this RIGHT.  I was wildly impressed with the TV adaptation of the books.  NPH as Count Olaf is perfection and just the overall vibe, aesthetic, acting, narration, execution LITERALLY everything I was so impressed.  They nailed it.  The portrayal was exactly how I saw the books in my head.  I already can’t wait for the second season.

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick- This book made me giggle the entire way through.  Anna is so funny and I knew this ahead of time but this book was so fun to read.  The way she talks about growing up as a child star on Broadway and transitioning to living in Hollywood was just so funny to read and it’s nice to hear about her life and kind of being unapologetic about being the worst sometimes.

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan- This is the second book (out of three so far third coming out this year) by Kevin Kwan.  The first in the series was Crazy Rich Asians which I LOVED and I’m thrilled they’re making a movie out of it.  But I love the way Kevin writes and the stories he tells.  This is a world that is wildly different from my own and it’s cool to see him write about places I would love to go and talk about the unique relationships between various different Asian families.

Pinterest-Ok so like I’ve always loved Pinterest because I’m a white girl so like of course I do because I’m the worst.  But it really does help me feel inspired and connected to the world of makeup and fashion and as of late interior design.  I LOVE interior design and I can’t wait to have my own space to curate but I’ve definitely re-discovered my love of Pinterest over the last couple months.

iTunes Radio- I bit the bullet.  iTunes radio USED TO BE FREE however now it is not but you get a free three month trial.  My laptop is a dinosaur and I can’t connect my new iPhone because my software is so out of date and I can’t update anymore because my computer is just straight up too old and is like nah fam.  So I don’t have music on my phone.  I travel to Bishkek quite frequently and that’s a 5-6 hour drive.  Without music that’s tricky.  I listen to podcasts a lot but I can’t do that for that long I just can’t.  So iTunes music is back because I’m weak.  But I really do love it.  I’ve discovered so much new music that I’m really enjoying and it’s made my quite frequent trips back and forth in the last two months really great.

Hidden Figures- I LOVED this movie.  I’m very excited that the Oscar nominations are out and to watch all the films nominated.  This movie was just wonderful and the message is wildly important, especially now.  Definitely a must see.

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