The One Where She Has February Favorites

This month is very movie heavy just a warning.  The Oscars were this month and we always do an Oscars ballot so I watched them all.

Hidden Figures- This was just like too good.  The cast was exceptional and it was a look into a world of not only women in science but black women in science and just another piece of evidence that black women are literally at the forefront of everything.  Taraji P Henson was AMAZING and like I love that bitch anyways but she was just phenomenal.

Arrival- I am not a huge sci-fi fan but I do enjoy sci-fi when it’s unique and different.  I loved this movie and the idea behind it and the way the story unfolded.  It was unique and cool and really made you think.  Amy Adams was phenomenal as she always is.  But this was definitely the coolest movie out of the nominees.

Moonlight- Oh do you want to have your heartbroken and sob? This is the movie for you.  The movies nominated for Best Picture are of course the standouts of the year but this year so many of the movies were just wildly important.  This was one of them.  Like sorry white people but fuck La La Land.  It was charming and good and all that but like no way.  I was THRILLED when Moonlight won Best Picture.  This is just a remarkably special and honest movie and like I said it just breaks your heart.  The cast is phenomenal and the fact that like literally the entire cast is now modeling for Calvin Klein is like too much for my heart to handle.

Lion- Oh do you want to weep and feel like you’ve watched a million episodes of Oprah and Ellen? This is the movie for you.  I made the mistake of watching Moonlight and Lion the same day and just like sobbed for like 5 hours straight.  THIS MOVIE.  It is just so touching and wonderful and the fact that it’s a true story and the real life clips at the end of the movie just like crushed me.  Dev Patel is like the babest babe and looks SO GOOD the whole movie and like is phenomenal just in general.  Sunny who plays Dev Patel’s character Soroo when he’s young is so cute I just want to like eat his face.  He’s so good and so sweet and charismatic.

Zootopia- SO CUTE SO GOOD.  The message was wonderful of inclusion and removing judgement and prejudice. Love love love.

Kubo and the Two Strings- This was my favorite animated movie nominated this year.  Which was hard to say because I absolutely loved Moana and Zootopia.  But the animation and the story is just outrageously gorgeous.  It’s unique and touching and beautiful both in the story and just the animation and artistry of the movie.

SweetSexySavage- This is Kehlani’s official first album and DAMN it’s so fucking good.  I think Kehlani is just like the epitome of cool and this album is just so good.  I love every song and I can just put the album on repeat and happily listen to the entire thing.  It’s good when I’m getting ready to go out or cooking dinner or cleaning or doing work like literally anything.

Romeo and Juliet- Earlier this month we went to go see Romeo and Juliet at the ballet in Bishkek and it was wonderful.  It’s nice when you’re working so hard to just do stuff that feels fancy and special.  This was our special and fancy.  We had such a nice time and it was so gorgeous.

Honey Dew Me Up by NYX- Ok this shit is amazing.  It’s a serum with gold flecks in it and I swear to god makes my foundation and makeup look a million times better on my face.  It just sits so nicely on the skin and just adds such a nice glow to everything.

Beauty blender- So for whatever reason I left my beauty blender at home which was a stupid fucking mistake.  Now I’m not a huge foundation wearer, usually for me it’s just in the winter when I feel like my skin needs a little lift.  There are like knock off beauty blenders literally everywhere here and I don’t know why but I just hadn’t bought a new one.  Then I did.  And I could kick myself. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG.  Beauty blenders make EVERYTHING BETTER. So I’m a dummy.

Chopping my hair- This time of year I get way antsy with my hair and feel like I need to do something drastic.  So I did.  I cut it all off and dyed it an eggplanty color.  And it feels amazing.  I love my long hair and I think I look best with long hair.  However.  Mine was a mess.  My undercut was so grown out that it looked like I had weird extensions that didn’t blend in with the rest of my hair and the color was bad and it needed to go.

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