The One Where She Has March Favorites

Fair warning it’s almost exclusively music.

Touch by Little Mix- I’m a huge fan of Little Mix.  I think they’re so cool and I’m always down with a girl group.  This song is SO catchy and the music video is so so so good.  Paris Goebel did the choreography and nothing is better than that.

Green Light by Lorde- YES. YES. I love this little alien.  Lorde is IMHO one of the most innovative young artists around.  She’s constantly changing and evolving and producing quality music.  This song has been on repeat and I love everything about it. The production is way cool and I’m super excited to hear this album.

Time by Sabrina Ddumba- This is another just super fucking catchy song.  I also like the message of the song and the video is SO cool/she is SO cool.  This was an Ethan recommendation because he has excellent taste.

Still Got Time by Zayn and PARTYNEXTDOOR- I am very supportive of this huge trend in dancehall music right now. I AM HERE FOR IT. This is way mellow and has that dancehall vibe but it’s just a solid like chill and hang out song.  Zayns voice sounds like fresh homemade caramel so like I’m down.

No Lie by Sean Paul and Dua Lipa- Dua Lipa blows my mind.  I do not understand how her voice comes out of her tiny young body.  Also anyone who knows me knows how much I fucking LOVE Sean Paul and he’s doing some kind of comeback right now and I’m into it.

KPOP- aka Korean Pop music for you LOSERS who don’t know.  Ethan has been trying to get me to listen to KPOP for the entirety of our friendship and anytime he plays it I always like it.  I’ve just recently taken the time to download my own copies of everything and I’ve just been listening to it all on repeat.  My current favorites are BlackPink and K.A.R.D.

The Face Shop- Speaking of Korean things.  This place in Bishkek is amazing.  It’s on Erkendik near Chicken Star and it’s just a heaven of Korean Skin care and some beauty products.  The face masks and treatments are super cheap and just amazing.  We bought them out of house and home a few weekends ago and it’s just been heaven to have that stuff around.  I’m annoyed I haven’t gone in there until recently.

The Good Place- This is a new show on NBC done by Michael Schur who was the producer of Parks and Rec.  This show is excellent.  Kristen Bell is the main character and the show focuses on where you go when you die.  The Good Place vs. The Bad Place.  It’s hilarious overall and just a fun show to watch, Kristen Bell cracks my ass up in all aspects and this is no exception.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend- I’m a little late to the game with this one but I’m happy to be here.  This show is so fucking funny and SMART.  I recently listened to a podcast with the main character/creator/writer on the show Rachel Bloom and I needed to check it out.  She cleaned up over awards season and it deserves those and more.  The show is a musical but don’t pass on the show if you don’t like musicals.  It’s not like Glee.  The songs are HILARIOUS and everyone on the show has some kind of Broadway background (from what I’ve read).  Highly recommend it.

Big Little Lies- I’ve only watched the first episode and it’s already a favorite.  It’s a new show on HBO, the cast is INSANE, and think rich women fighting in a beach town, their kids are involved, cheating, and someone is dead (one of the main characters) but we don’t know who yet.  Reese Witherspoon is one of the leads and I swear she’s gonna win a million awards for this.  She nails everything she’s in and she’s nailing this as well.


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