The One Where She Has April Favorites

Zamanbap Concert- Jacob and I love this Kyrgyz rap group Zamanbap and we jumped at the chance to see them at a cafe at the beginning of the month.  What we didn’t realize was that it wasn’t just Zamanbap performing it was actually a ton of our favorite Kyrgyz singers performing with them.  We had literally too much fun just living our best lives and because the show was just in a cafe we were able to meet everybody that performed and just had such a good time. Probably the most fun I’ve had in my service.

Ottoman Store- This place is a black hole of beautifulness.  I LOVE Kyrgyz national jewelry and this is the mother load.  They have any and everything you could ever want and everything is insanely gorgeous.  I’m not allowed in the store anymore because I leave spending way too much money on gorgeous jewelry.

Puma High tops- I bought myself an early birthday treat in the form of some sick Pumas.  They’re like a weird mix of basketball sneakers and boxing shoes and I’m obsessed with them.  They were the last pair, 50% off and in my size so like I had to buy them.

Clear eye gel- I love this trend of glossy eye lids that’s been happening this Spring.  I think it looks fresh when done just on naked lids with mascara or it can be crazy cool and grunge when it’s put over colors.  It’s been sold out at the NYX store for months and they finally restocked and I snatched it up real quick.

2 year Anniversary- Two fucking years.  We celebrated our two year anniversary and had an excellent time just loving each other and hanging out at our favorite new club.  It’s crazy to think it’s been two years and that we’re almost done.

Girl Boss- I fucking LOVE Nasty Gal and I love Sophia Amoruso and I LOVED her new show on Netflix.  I like that Sophia as a person and especially as a character isn’t particularly likable and she doesn’t apologize for that, she embraces it.  I loved the show thought it was fun and fun to watch and I’m excited for the next season.

KARD Rumor- As you know I love KPop and I am fairly new to the KPop scene but I love KARD.  I think they’re crazy unique and they’re going to be HUGE.  Their music is cool and catchy and all of their videos and choreography are new and fresh.  They’re also a co-ed group which is something way out of the ordinary.  But their new song Rumor is so fucking catchy and the music video is so cool because it was shot in a way that was meant to watched on your phone.

Chewing Gum- This show is hilarious.  I’ve only seen the first season because I’m having a hard time finding the second season online but this show is too much.  It’s a weird ride of discovering sexuality, family, friendship and it’s just weird in the best possible way.  Also since it’s British there’s only 6 episodes a season so I literally watched it all in one sitting.  Definitely worth watching.

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